RE: Discotheque (I just dont see it)/ Edge reading Wire??

Agent Ana MacPhisto ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 20:29:07 -0300

Hi there, it's me another girl that "borrowed" a MacPhisto surname!!!!

        Well, I have to admit that I can't see that "drugs thing" in
Discothèque . . . It will always be about false love and all that crap that
happens in parties. You now, you'll never find "the one" in a disco (OK, you

        And about "Do You Feel Loved"... Hey, I thought we agreed it was
bout sex!!! ;-) Really, I can't see drugs in it... I see doubt, sex, I see
that Bono's the sexyest man alive ;-), but no, no drugs... Easier find drugs
in Discothèque!!!

        Oh, yeah, about that "Edge reads Wire" paranoia (ieeee, I think
that's a typooo!!), well, that looks scary... But I don't think he does read
_this_ why would someone with a real life read wire??? ;-))))) Anyway, I
really heard about it, something about him living in a computer during
Passengers era... But if you (Mr. The Edge!!) is reading this then....

Haaaaaapyyyyyy Birthday!!!!!!!! It might be soon to say that but
Haaaaaapyyyyy Birthdaaaay!!!!! You're the only reason I'm gonna take guitar
classes!!! And now to a Rio Grandense interference: "Parabens, parabens,
saude e felicidade. Que tu colhas sempre todo dia paz e alegria na lavoura
da amizade!!!!" [see wire looking at her with a puzzeled look] Ok, that was
something like: [" Happy birthay, health and happyness for you. May peace
and happyness always grow in your friendship's garden"]

Ana, wishing a very happy b-day to this wonderful guy...

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