U2ey week!!!! Warning, hormones here!! ;-)

Agent Ana MacPhisto ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 20:29:17 -0300

Achtung Wirelings!!!! Happy girl here!!!!

        Anyway, I spent my whole week into U2: I watched Rattle and Hum, Red
Rocks and my MTV Brasil video collection twice (that's 4 tapes!), listened
to those Salome/Jesus was a cool guy tapes a Wire friend (Thaaaaaankz
Erni!!!!) got us (me and my sis), had a Joshua afternoon (a whole afternoon
listening to Joshua Tree over and over again), watched POPMART Last Night In
Sao Paulo and my Achtung Baby songbook finnaly came... I'm soooo happy!!!!
And those videos from Rattle and Hum are soooooooo amazing.... Desire... I
*love* this video....
Oh God!!!!! Isn't Bono the sexyest guy you've ever seen in you lifes?? That
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" video.... Ahhhhhh!!!!! Who wouldn't go
home with *that* guy saying that???? Ahhhhhhhhh Oh, baby, you sooo
gorgeous.... I think I'll need to slow down on chocolate, I'm way too
excited already... After all, I waited six months to get my very own Rattle
and Hum video (It's so rare here you can only get it if you wait from 6
months to 5 years!!!!). . . God, I know I was late on watching this but I
didn't had a life when it was relased... Anyway, Bono from With or Without
You is the most amazing man I've *ever* seen!!!! Ahhhhhhh.... I think I
should go doing something else beside boring the male wirelings....Sorry
about the hormones ;-)

Ana, feeling like she "has no top" ;-)

"...One day you will look back, And you'll see, Where you were held how, By
this love, While you could stand there, You could move on this moment,
Follow this feeling..." ====>Bellydances around the room ;-)

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