My great U2 day!

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 17:14:19 PDT

HOLY COW! I had a great day. I was in the *best* mood at work today,
too. And I have reason to believe that a lot of it's thanks to U2!

This mornin' I got up, got ready, and got in my car. Hi ho, hi ho, it's
off to work I went. I turned up my radio, and a song was just fading
out as the drums of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" came in! WOOOOOOOOO HOO!
PRAISE GOD! What a sweet sweet surprise! A bitchin' way to start off
the day! I was ready to take on the world!

THEN, I came home for my lunch break. I ate, and I left. As I pulled
out of the driveway, "Mysterious Ways" was on!!!!

THEN, on my way home from work, I heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday" yet
AGAIN!!!! It's amazing that hearing these make me feel so great. And I
mean GREAT!

Know what *I* think? I think that it's God. REALLY! I thank Jesus
everytime I hear a U2 song on the radio. Yeah, I think God and Jesus
call up these southern California radio stations and say, "Hey, uh,
could you put on a U2 song right now? There's this chick in Ventura on
her way to work and she needs a real kick ass pick-me-up." The radio
people say, "Sure thing, God." Ya see God and Jesus know how much I
love U2, so they do this for me to make my days! ;)

OK, maybe they don't literally *call* the radio stations. hehe! It
sounds lovely though, don't it?

Bono's said that "music is a gift from God." YEAH BABY! Actually, I
think it's more like *U2* is a gift from God. Yeah, totally! U2, baby.
I know that big Man Upstairs really loves us, because we've got U2!

Nikki ;)

Your love was a light bulb hangin' over my bed!
       BABY, BABY, BABY! Light my way!

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