My U2-less trip :(

Joanna Laskey ([email protected])
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 20:58:09 PDT

Hi everyone,
Actually my subject isn't entirely see I took a little
trip to Israel a week ago (it was a two week student study tour of the
holocaust) and I brought my walkman but somehow forgot all my tapes (my
U2!!!!). What was I to do all the places I was staying had no radios no
nothing, I was going insane. So I walk into a local pub and I tell my
sob story to the guy who's playing the music and he just so happens to
be a huge U2 fan and ends up playing U2 for the rest of the night and
dedicates it to the sorry little canadian! How nice is that! I was never
so happy, until I met up with my wire friend from Jerusalem and she
hooked me up with so much U2 I barely knew what to do with myself. So
anyways the reason I'm wasting this space is to say all of you U2 fans
are awesome (for lack of a better word), continue to be crazy (crazy to
the point you scare close friends, family and neighbours into trying to
"intervine") and love eachother for it!
You guys all rock.
Peace, Love and U2,
Joanna :) :) :)

"no one's interested in something you didn't do"
~Wheat kings by The Tragically Hip

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