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When I saw and read interviews with Bono in the early '80's, he didn't
exactly strike me as modest. But I listened to the music, and, good
grief, there's no way that they were just another band! They had to
trust that feeling, that they were special, to have continued success.
It wasn't the malevolent, sinister brand of egotism--megalomania-- that
can really hurt alot of people. And it certainly wasn't any sort of
snottiness on their part, which is what annoys me with some other famous
OK, I'm jumping into a frying pan here, but someone was irked about
"Even Better than the Real Thing" being played on MTV when a fourteen-
year-old kid wanted to meet Tara Lipinski. Warning: figure skating fan
and recreational ice skater here!! What the heck? Perhaps the fourteen
year old kid was also a skater, and was looking for some inspiration.
Perhaps the kid was not a skater but was impressed with Tara's
accomplishments. There is always alot of controversy over skating medals
because it's a subjective sport, but what she did on the ice is mind-
boggling because that' was the most technically difficult program ever
performed by a female skater. Period. OK, this has nothing to do with
U2. My point is that if you are going to accuse anyone or their brother
of being a snot in public, lightning can always strike. Perhaps hiring a
PR agent will do the trick!! :-) :-) I've always wondered if any skater
would skate to a U2 song! "Surrender" has a good tempo for an exhibition
skate, not to mention the passion. OK, it's the Nutty Idea From Hell.
But haven't I read a few nutty posts on "Wire"??!! :-)


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