Aaron Sams ([email protected])
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 06:21:36 -0400 (EDT)

This is going to be my last request for these. I haven't asked in about a month
so as to not annoy everyone out there with my requests. Somebody must have
these out there in Wireland on CD that they can convert. I have almost my entire
collection available in MP3, but I am only interested in trades. Let me know if
you can help me out with any of these! Thanks.

Perfect Day - the BBC ad one from last year, both the original mix and the male mix
Give Me Back My Job - Bono and Carl Perkins from the "Go Cat Go" album
Goldeneye - any of the remixes from the CD single
Jah Love - co-written by Bono on the "Brothers Keeper CD"
Royal Station 4/16 - harmonica by Bono on Melissa Etheridge's "Brave and Crazy" CD
Put 'Em Under Pressure - Larry Mullen Jr, Irish world Cup Squad
Snakecharmer - E.P. wirh the Edge and Jah Wobble

Can anyone help me? I realize they are quite rare these days wirh the exception
of the M. Etheridge one I'm told all are deleted, or not available here in Canada...
so any help would appreciated. An offer of a trade will get my list.

Aaron J. Sams
[email protected]

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