Annoying Phrases/FANatic/Flaming

Jennifer Shaw ([email protected])
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 00:57:48 PDT

********************ANNOYING PHRASES*************************
I have noticed that WIRE causes many arguments, which is inevetiable
(sp?) and I am capable of dealing with (by scrolling past them), but
when people want to give their opnion they always end with 'my 0.02
cents worth'. This is *incredibly* annoying. We know it's your '0.02
cents worth' and if it's not, then you're (a) a robot or (b)
plagerising! We aren't idiots and don't need to be reminded that's it's
your '0.02 cents worth'! 'IMHO' is also a bit annoying as it says in
only slightly different terms the exact same thing as 'my 0.02 cents
worth'. Again we know it's yours! I look upon this as a form of
condescion and do not at all appreciate it (duh, who would?!?) Please,
assume we have some sort of brains, and we will assume what you say is a
reflection of your thoughts. Thank You.
To whomever mentioned that MTv played 'EBTTRT' and 'Desire' over the
meeting with Tara Lipinski: *L* Actually, you have to be at least 17 to
do that, (scary that that guy is 17 and is obsessing over Tara Lipinski,
huh? ;)) to which extent I am very unhappy. ;( Also, I was just gald
that they remebered U2 exsisted, they *never* play 'em!
If you are going to flame me for this (and if ya do I must say you are
easily offended) there's not a thing I can or would do about it, because
I prefer to have such things out in the open but if you *are* gonna
flame me or anyone else for that matter, please do it privately. As I am
sure, most people do not wish to read berating comments thrown between
one person and another whom they don't know and/or don't much care
about. Thank You.
Cheers and a Yellow-Wahoo to You!

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