Re: Bootleg Identification: Help Please!!

Chris Wolf ([email protected])
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 11:29:06 -0400

Hey Mike,
        The bootleg that you are referring to is the 2nd half of the last Lovetown
show in 1990 plus some bonus tracks. Here's all the details:

1. Love Rescue Me
2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3. Out of Control
4. "40"

These four songs are the last half of the encore of the last Lovetown show
from January 10th, 1990 recorded live at the Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam.

5. MLK
6. One Tree Hill
7. Gloria
8. God Part II
9. Running to Stand Still

These five songs were taken from the previous night on January 9th, 1990
also from Rotterdam.

10. The Unforgettable Fire
11. She's A Mystery To Me
12. With or Without You

These three songs were recorded live on January 6th, 1990 also from Rotterdam.

13. Hawkmoon 269

This song was recorded live on December 18th, 1989 from the RAI Exibition
Center in Amsterdam. This was the opener for the now infamous show where
Bono later lost his voice and the concert had to end early, which caused
the dates to be resceduled for the beginning of January which is where all
of the previous tracks come from. Hope this helped! Take care!

POP*for Nittany Lions,
-Chris Wolf

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stadium and ate the dirt under the bleachers."

-Homer Simpson

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