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>regulations this listing has been ended early. All fees for this listing
>will be credited to your account. Neither the bidder nor the seller are
>under obligation to complete this transaction.
>eBay does not allow the listing of "pirated", "bootlegged", or otherwise
>unauthorized copies of copyright protected audio, video,or software

(Okay, just _when_ should I stop laughing at this garbage?)

>media. While eBay cannot assume liability for user listings, we cannot
>guarantee that sellers of illegal merchandise will not be sought out and
>prosecuted by the proper authorities for engaging in said activity.
>Please be mindful of the possible legal issues pertaining to your
>listings in future. In addition, any reoccurrence of this activity on
>your part will result in the termination of your eBay registration.

I would first like to thank Heidi for all the THANKLESS work she
has done for the Amnesty International cause. I have been a member
since 1987, and it's people like Heidi(who is doing this for free) who
temporarily restore my faith in the Internet, and humanity in general.

Now, to the real meat of this issue. Yes, what Heidi had offered on
EBAY were bootlegs. As I scanned through the EBAY site,
I came across TWENTY-FOUR items that could be considered
bootlegs/unofficial merchandise. What about these items?

Why was Heidi(H-i-d-i...uhm...small joke to break the tension...
most of you might not get it unless you've seen her old--and
insanely hilarious--.sig file) targeted?

Because someone ratted her out. AND I KNOW WHO THIS PERSON
IS. It's the same fuckbrain(excuse my french) that faked email with my
name to WIRE a few weeks back, because I complained about his
spamming of the list.

(Sorry for the language. I'm really pissed off about this. With all the
people using EBAY to screw fellow U2 fans out of money...this is just
incredible....Gah...I can't even form proper word-type-things...The one
time we use EBAY for something good, and some idiot gets it canned...)

I'd personally like to thank the person who got the auction removed from
EBAY. (heavy heavy heavy sarcasm)


To everyone who recieves this. Please email Heidi a letter of thanks for
her work. Her email address is:

                    [email protected]

Also, let EBAY know how you feel about the situation:

                    [email protected]

The auction will be run from that address. You can bid on items at that
same address. The items available are listed below:

U2 10" Yellow Vinyl Lemon Promo
U2 'The Gig In Philly' CD
U2 'Thinking About U2' CD
U2 POP Promo Condoms
U2 Mexico Popmart Promo Video
U2 POP Promo Poster
U2 Island Treasures CD

There's probably more, but that's what I had in my last email from Heidi
about the auction.
Rumour Police:

Okay, I've checked with a few sources, and had some of the other
people on the Info-Off-Ramp check with their sources. This is what
I've been able to find out.

1) U2 are not recording at Windmill Lane. They do not use Windmill
Lane to record audio. Only video editing is done at Windmill.
The band are rarely there. They use The Factory for live
rehearsals/writing when they need to, and Hanover Studios(where
95% of POP was recorded) for actual audio recording...

2) Bono is STILL at a villa just outside of Nice, France. He is
there with Ali, the kids, and their personal assistant. This is explains
his absence at the B.B. King concert in Dublin, and his presence
at the World Cup final with Sting and his wife. Sting also owns a
villa just outside of Nice. FYI, Micheal Hutchence did too...

Bono and his family will not return to Dublin until September.

3) No one would give me definate information on the where-abouts
of Larry or Adam. However, it was hinted that Larry HAD BEEN
in New York City for a while -- but, as another source pointed out
to me, "they usually say he's in NY."

4) Hanover is booked for September 12, when it is expected that
U2 will begin production on the new album. As he has told
several sources, the songs are essentially written, and the band
just have to record them.

5) This whole "Chenna" thing on WIRE, IMHO, is a hoax.

6) It is possible that what ZooNation has reported is true. There
may have been working tapes lying around, or Zoonation's
source might be highly placed at Island/PM.
Okay, a few people have emailed asking "What the hell does that
Sellafield[Prarit's note : not Springfield...that's Homer's domain...
you know, Sector 7-G?] thing have to do with U2?"

I keep forgetting that many of you fell into the U2-wormhole after
Achtung, and don't know/don't remember the "Stop Sellafield!"
Zoo-TV era concert in Manchester, England.

The line-up featured, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, Big Audio Dynamite II,
and headlining--U2.

U2 attempted to hold a protest at the Sellafield plant itself, but plans for
it were crushed by the courts, the reason being that the planned
protest would not be in the best interests of public safety

In response Paul McGuinness had the following comment: "It's quite
ironic that BNF, a company that produces raw materials for use in
weapons of destruction should be so concerned with public safety."

The concert itself did occur, but not the planned protest. I
*believe* there was a picture of the band dressed in white
"Radiation" suits in Time magazine...
Condensed from The Irish Times:

Workers evacuated after Sellafield accident
By Dick Ahlstrom

Highly toxic plutonium has been released in an accident within
the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria.

A group of 72 workers was forced to evacuate a laboratory at
midday yesterday where the leak of plutonium oxide occurred.
One worker was found to have been contaminated externally
by the release but this was cleaned away, according to a
spokeswoman for BNFL which operates the plant.

The Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise and
Employment with responsibility for nuclear safety, Mr Joe
Jacob, said last night he would be pursuing his UK
counterparts for more information about the incident "as a
matter of urgency".

"Departmental officials and the Radiological Protection Institute
of Ireland would be seeking immediate clarification regarding
the latest incident at Sellafield," he said.

The leak, which set off automatic alarms, occurred at the "B33
MOX Demonstration Facility" according to a BNFL statement.
This is a prototype part of the Sellafield plant which makes an
advanced fuel mix combining uranium and plutonium recovered
from reprocessing activities.

"During routine operations there was a minor escape of
radioactivity that was contained within the building itself,"
according to the statement. Alarms were triggered and staff
occupying the facility were evacuated.

There had been "no release" outside the laboratory or the plant,
a BNFL spokeswoman said last night. Staff were last night
 back in the laboratory assessing the extent of the release.

There were filters and other safety equipment to prevent the
powdered plutonium oxide from escaping, she said. The
statement added that "grass samples had been taken in order to
confirm that there was no release of activity from the building".

One Sellafield worker was found to have been contaminated
and was sent to the site surgery, according to the BNFL
statement. "Initial testing of that individual has not shown any
internal contamination and all external contamination has been
removed. Other personnel were monitored prior to being
allowed to go home and everyone was found to be clear,"
according to BNFL.

Plutonium is particularly dangerous as it stays radioactive for
many centuries. While it is relatively simple to afford external
protection against it, the great risk is that the plutonium would
enter the body, for example by being breathed in. Once in the
lung the plutonium would cause significant and persistent
damage to tissues, leading in turn to cancers.

BNFL would have been required to report the incident to the
relevant UK regulatory authorities. The company confirmed
that these had in fact been briefed.
(Prarit's note: IMHO, I believe this story to be a hoax. Take the story for what
it's worth, but keep in mind: I have **RELIABLE** sources that tell me that
U2 will not enter the studio(Hanover Studios) until September. Pre-work on
songs may have been done, and it is possible that is what the story below
refers to...Again, as always, the story below should be taken as RUMOUR)

New Album Dispatch #2

by Doug Martin for Zoonation.com
Another in a series of reports from an Anonymous Source on the state of U2's
latest project.
Our anonymous "insider" has sent us more information on U2's current studio
doings. Heres the latest information. Please keep in mind that this is all
unconfirmed information and U2's publicist's have only said "No Comment".
The following is direct from the Email we received. The email address is kept

I've been told that Lillywhite, Eno, and Lanois have all been in the studio and
worked with U2, as of yet there is not a "true" producer, however. Edge has
also been plugging away on the soundboards and Flood is, supposedly,
not involved.

A few of the songs are taking shape and that at least one is considered
being "finished" by the band. Fortunately I was able to listen to snippets of
two songs, the titles are not set yet, even the current names are sketchy.
All I can say is that the tracks sound very interesting, it does seem as if a
whole new direction is being taken but more towards a "grassroots" type
of rock. The music is still big but is very minimalistic. Apparently the band is
staying away from heavy aftereffects on the tracks. The themes of the songs
also are straying away from the "fidelity" and spiritual issues of Achtung Baby,
Zooropa, and POP. Lyrics that I've heard (very few) indicate a return to the
poetic and illustrative means that Bono used on The Unforgettable Fire and
Joshua Tree albums.

If this information is correct, this all seems to be happening very fast. Our
biggest question at ZooNation is why Island hasnt geared up a marketing
campaign, ala the year preparation before the POP album.

Others at ZooNation bring up the point that maybe this information were
receiving is a start of such a campaign. While others believe it to be a hoax...
We'll see. As always keep watching here for the latest on this story.
>From CNN:

Viewers to Bid in Live Auction on U.K. TV Channel


LONDON, Aug 3 (Reuters)- A sale of pop memorabilia next month will mark
the start of a new kind of television-based auction in which viewers enter bids
from the comfort of their armchairs, organisers said on Monday.

Interactive technology means viewers will not only view the lots on television, but
also then be able to take part by entering bids using their telephone keypads.

This broadcast is a watershed for the auction industry and for television, said
Auction Channel chairman Jason Gleave.

The inaugural television auction on September 5 is being held for charity, and
should raise around 100,000 pounds ($165,000) for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The most valuable item on offer is a Bob Dylan harmonica which he has
autographed and donated.

Rock groups Queen and U2 have donated platinum and gold discs while Led
Zeppelin offered a signed white Fender electric guitar.

Gleave said the armchair auction brings to the auction industry a whole raft of
new clients, many of whom would have never entered an auction house before.

Bidders have to register in advance with the auction house. Each is given a
personal identity number and phoned just before the chosen lot comes up.

Touch bids are made on the viewers telephone keypad and reach the auctioneer
within one 10th of a second.

The hour-long broadcast will be accessible to approximately 6.5 million British
households via the Living cable and satellite television channel. The Auction
Channel is due to start broadcasting regularly early next year. ($1-.6078 Pound)
Copyright 1998 The Financial Times Limited
Financial Times (London)

PolyGram targets internet sales

PolyGram, the world's largest music group, is to extend online sales activity by
selling albums and singles by its recording artists, such as U2, Elton John and
Sheryl Crow, over the internet in France and Germany, writes Alice Rawsthorn .

Earlier this year, Island Records, part of the PolyGram group, became the first
UK subsidiary of a multinational music company to start internet sales. Polydor
Records (UK), another PolyGram-owned label, followed suit last month.

Some months ago, PolyGram commissioned a wide-ranging study from
McKinsey, the management consultants, on the internet's development.
The study was completed in June, but was put on ice following the
US$ 10.4bn bid for PolyGram from Seagram, the Canadian entertainment

Thanks to Katrina for the above.
The following is from a reliable source that wishes to remain
anonymous. It was sent in response to the article from the
supposed maintenance person working at Windmill Lane Studios
(it can be seen in last weeks digest u2note020898.html)

1) Bono is in France. He has been there all of July, hence his
appearance at the World Cup with Sting, and his not showing up at
the B.B. King concert in Dublin. It is very unlikely for the person
in the article to have seen all four members of U2 at Windmill
Lane Studios.

2) All four members of U2 will be back in Dublin at the beginning
of September of 1998. They will not/do not use Windmill Lane
Studios for recording audio anymore--it is generally used for
video editing/production purposes. The audio sessions will occur
at Hanover Studios.

(Prarit's note: After hearing this, it seems very unlikely that a U2
album will be released at the end of this year(this is purely
speculation on my part)...Realistically, I would expect one in the
first half of 1999)

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