THE-EDGE ([email protected])
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 11:37:36 -0500

Dear U2 devotees!

First of all, thanks to everybody who submited the material to make this
album possible.
You all are very talented, and did a great job.
After a long studio work, remixing and recording sessions, we are finally
pleased to announce that the final master is ready and IT ROCKS!!!
This album will be available to the public (all the fans out there) shortly,
and for this purpose, we decided to take preorders to have an idea on how
many albums could be pressed.
The album is absolutely not a CDr, and the cost (to help out cover the
expenses, and make this always possible, yes there will be other tribute
albums) will be $10 per album (shipping included).

If interested, please email us for information.
The Edge! [U STAY 2(c)]

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