HELP NEEDED: "I Fall Down" - Red Rocks June 5, 1983

Mike Gentile ([email protected])
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 09:55:25 PDT

Hi all.

I need a huge favor! I am working on a very special project and I came
up one song short! I need to borrow one of the following CDs from

CONCERT, THE (Buccaneer Records) Red Rocks June 5, 1983
LAST CHANCE TO DANCE Royal Sound) Red Rocks June 5, 1983

I can only use the above CDs from Red Rocks. None of the others will
do! I need "I Fall Down" from Red Rocks and only the above CDs offer
it. If someone has the 9-song MTV video version of the concert, AND it
has "I Fall Down" please contact me. (I HIGHLY doubt that it will, but
you never know. Both the 13-song Showtime video version of the concert
and the commercially-available 'Under A Blood Red Sky' video of the
concert also omit "I Fall Down.")

All I need is to borrow your CDs and I will mail them right back. In
return for letting me borrow your CDs and your postage to me, I will pay
return postage and send you a free copy of the "project" I am working

PLEASE if anyone has the above CDs, get in touch with me so that I am
get the ball rolling.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks all....



Mike Gentile
Producer, Multimedia Department
Bloomberg Financial Markets
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