Do You Feel Loved/Feelin Love

Natasa Liotsakis ([email protected])
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 12:44:24 -0600

"Do You FEEL LOVED" by *THE*
best band in the universe,


"FEELIN' LOVE" by Paula Cole,
on the City of Angels' soundtrack????

Paula Cole's song Feelin Love came first. This song is also featured on
her album This Fire(which I own). This Fire came out in 96. Pop came out
in 97. I really think it's just a coincedence.

"We have made a carear out of our personality crises...well at least I
have" -Bono-
"I think some of the most exciting parts of t.v are the commercials"
-The Edge-

U2's become... well... the biggest kick ass rock and roll group in the
world!!!... which is the last thing we wanted to be... what we wanted to
was a country band..." - Bono - Lost Highway

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