MOFO "Matthew Roberts Explicit Remix" for sale on CDR !!!

Oli G ( )
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 22:36:56 +0200


I'm making CDR's of the "Matthew Roberts Explicit Remix" of MOFO.
It is basically the Phunk Phorce Mix, but the "sucking" and "fucking" aren't
edited out, so there are no annoying gaps in Bono's vocals. This remix
was printed only 300 times on a one-sided UK promo 12" (12MOFO3).

I don't have a CD burner, but I've found someone who will make CDR's
of this MOFO remix for me, mastered directly from the promo 12".
The CDR will cost 15 US dollars including worldwide airmail postage.

If you want this CDR (serious only), please send me an e-mail with
"12MOFO3" in the subject and I will send you the details for payment.
My e-mail address is: [email protected]

To avoid a flame war: I will make a profit of exactly US$ 3.90 for
every CDR. Please keep in mind that I paid 120 UK pounds for the promo,
wich is roughly 200 US dollars.


Oli Giovanoli

ps: if you want more details about this remix or promo 12", please
read my post from July 24th.

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