CONCERT EXPERTS!!! Question about "So Cruel",,,

J ([email protected])
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 22:32:03 -0700 (PDT)

I just downloaded an mp3 of "So Cruel" live (thanks Tara!), and Bono
said it was their first time to play the song. Now my questions

1) Where and when was this played?

2) Why did they play it? Was significance had the place to do with
the song? Was it like related to the place in the same way that "One
Tree Hill" pertains to New Zealand? I was suprised because the people
were singing to it! One guy was also screaming "thank you Bono!"
what made the venue special for U2 to play the song? Why would the
people know how to sing-along to that song? (I like tht song so much
but I doubt if it's a popular "sing-a-long" song, unless of course it
has some relation to the venue)...

Someone please enlighten me on this..



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