Definitions for J

rob okorn ([email protected])
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 22:35:32 PDT

The 'silly 'binding' phrase is exactly what the word means, if you
prefer a generic wattered down version, thenyour version has as much
weight as a non-bonding appeal. :) Note the light sarcasm rather than
cutthroat venemous complex.

Simply said Luminous Times was far superior to Holy Joe, you prefer to
use the word 'dirt' but that's your very own fabrication which we're all
used to.
I gave credit to 90's U2 but not across the board, I'd just like to see
them take more creative risks and not play it safe. When the first
thing coming of U2's marketing rep to ICE mag(Feb 1997) relates to
'stone cold hits' on pop as she put it, while the better tracks are
viewed by her as 'risky' since their point of reference is the usual
mainstream schlock.

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