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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:14:49 -0400

This morning while getting ready for work, I was jamming away to the Pop
CD...then, right now, actually I am in the middle of the ok computer CD by
Radiohead. Granted, I love both CDs, but there is something that has been
annoying me. What better place to see what others think than WIRE, so I

When I first bought Pop, I was rather intrigued by this album. It was not at
all what I had expected. Each song was different from the next, and I couldn't
really say that it was my favorite U2 album. Then after hearing Paranoid
Android and Karma Police on the radio, I finally decided that it was time to buy
the CD. I loved it. It was different, yet it had this pure feeling to it that
I still cannot quite explain. I agreed with all the publications that it was
one of the year's best, if not the best, album--even better than my beloved U2.

The more that I listen to Pop, however, the more I love it. The songs on this
album pull me in, and I now question what each phrase and couplet is trying to
say. I am almost at the point where I love Pop as much as Achtung Baby,
knocking Zooropa out of my number 2 fave U2 album position.

My point, right...I wonder how many other people have found this same
occurrence. I still think that ok computer is incredible. Let down and Exit
Music are amazing. Paranoid Android, I think, may be one of the coolest
Radiohead songs that I have ever heard. What I am getting at, though, is this:
There doesn't seem to be anything lingering behind the lyrics in this music. I
don't find myself singing the songs like I do from Pop, and I can't help, but
wonder what those same critics who rated the best albums of 1997 would say
about Pop now after listening to it for over a year. It is like any other U2
album--it grows on you and makes you not only hear, but listen. (I know it is a
cliche. Although very appropriate.) I still love ok computer, and for that
matter, The Bends, and Pablo Honey. I just can't say that it is as good as I
thought it was a year ago. Basically, how many of you lovely Wirelings now
consider Pop to be one of your favorite U2 albums, and how you feel it compares
to ok computer over a year later?

All comments are welcome...flame if you must, but be warned: I am not a
shrinking violet, and will reply to all justifiable flames that I receive!

achtung y'all!

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