Re: U2 and Savage Garden

Haley Miller ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:11:05 -0400

>After all this U2-Savage Garden connections, hasn't anyone thought of
>the possibility that Savage Garden subscribes to Wire? Well, maybe
>they're feeling so down now that they'd been ridiculed no end by their
>fellow U2 fans...

oh that would be terrible! I doubt it's true, but I'd feel bad if it were.
My roommate really likes Savage Garden and I think I've posted this before,
but since were discussing it....AGAIN:

On the second or third track of the SG CD called "A Thousand Words" (yes,
the one with all the "-ations".....ahem) embedded deep in the mix, you can
hear the words "Zoo Station". It's easier to hear on headphones, but it's
not necessary.

It's kind of cool for a band that's successful in their own right to pay to
homage to one of their sources of inspiration. Before we continue to
nit-pick and sneer at SG's U2ish behavior, remember Rattle and Hum and the
snarky critical backlash and misinterpretations of arrogance brought upon
largely by U2's "fan-homages" to some of their idols. I have a disco ball
hanging from my rearview mirror and a plastic lemon and all sorts of other
U2 paraphernalia. Savage Garden's stage show is less of a rip-off than an
acknowledgement of a band they love. We can relate, right?

Peace, Love and Vegetables

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