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PATTY CULLITON ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:10:19, -0500


Heather said:
>>In my opinion, U2 ARE better than The Beatles.<<

Here, I agree. BUT...

>>There is nothing special about the music or lyrics of The Beatles
but as I stated, that's just my opinion.<<

Mind you, I enjoy the Beatles, but I do not *love* the Beatles. That
said, let me explain that to people your age (and my age - which is
26) the Beatles might not seem so "special" - but that's because
everyone in pop music basically copied their style. And so *now*
they are no longer unique. But at the time that the Beatles came out
with their stuff, it was groundbreaking and the first time some of
that kind of thing had been done and they were pioneers, indeed,

>>The only reason why The Beatles were so popular when the came out
was because people were tired of The Beach
Boys and Neil Sedaka type music so they seemed different and exciting
to the teenagers.<<

I will not even begin to comment on Neil Sedaka <g> partly because in
that realm I don't know what I am talking about. But you are again
pretty off about the Beach Boys. No one was sick of the Beach Boys
by the time the Beatles came out - they came up at basically the same
time. And in fact, every single one of the Beatles has admitted that
what got them out of their own pop formula 'rut' was hearing the
Beach Boys' groundbreaking album "Pet Sounds" (behind which
keyboardist Brian Wilson was the genius mind). And the "Pet Sounds"
album inspired the "Sgt. Pepper" album. (And in a more roundabout
way "Sgt. Pepper" inspired the concept of the "Achtung Baby" album
[Zoo-Tv = The Magical Mystery Tour] - so we owe enough homage to the
Beach Boys/Brian Wilson to fill some serious bandwidth).

In The Name Of Love, Patty

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