My U2mobile, and work (otherwise known as Hell)

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:53:39 PDT

Haley- You gotta mirrorball in YOUR car, TOO??? Ohmigosh. How COOL is
that?!? I don't, however, have a lemon in my car...... yet. But I DO
gotta *U2 Popmart* sticker on the back! I'm hopin' this will attract me
to some other local U2 fans. Ya know, I could be drivin' down the
street some day, and a guy or gal will role down his/her window and say,
"HEY! Nice sticker! I love `em too!" Then it could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship. Shyah, right! And monkies might fly outta
my butt! No, only kidding. It could happen....

Also, know what this one guy calls me at work? "Discoball Lady!" YEAH!
I said, "How'd ya know?" He said, "I saw you pull into work this
morning. Got it hangin' from your mirror." I said, "OOOH! I got one
in my room, too!" He said, "Me too!" WOW! Unfortunately, though, U2
wasn't *his* inspiration to get his. Oh well. But now, everyday when
he comes up to the front desk where I am, he asks, "What's up, Discoball
Lady?" I say, "Not much, Discoball Dude." It's just lovely! So now,
you see, U2 is not only affecting my personal life, but even my WORK
life as well. And I love it!

The only thing that would make work better is if they stopped playing
all this damn trendy music, and played some REAL music. U2. This is
the mix that they play, like, DAILY:

"Still the One"- Shania Twain
"Torn"- Natalie Imbruglia
"Weird"- Hanson (Like, gag me with a spoon!)
"The Way"- Fastball
"My Heart Will Go On"- Celine Dion
Some lame-ass, remix/disco version of a song by Mariah Carey
Even a couple Spice Girls' songs!
There's more. I just can't think of them....

Geeeez! I'm gonna go insane workin' here!!! I was standin' there the
other day, listenin' to Hanson and thinkin', "Am I in hell? Is that
what this is? I think so." I need some U2. I wonder who's in charge
of the music.... Maybe I could convince them to squeeze a few U2 songs
in there. That would make work SOOOOOOO great! Much more bareable.
They could play anything. Just as long as it's Bono, Edge, Larry, and
Adam. I need it! I CRAVE IT! I'm gonna get it.....

Buuuuuuh bye!

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