age wars

khufu ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 21:27:12 -0400

> [email protected]
> The deal is this, there are somethings you just wont get
> because of your age, just like there are somethings I wont understand about
> being a Rolling Stones or a Beatles fan. This is not a Bond one can have by
> reading books or listening to U2 music It is a bond we share because we are
> the same age.

there is a bit of truth to this, however, i do think
that your initial post,

> So sorry for all you who aren't the U2 age. 37-38
> There are so many things you'll never understand because you aren't like us!!
> Oh well
> Too bad for you
> :o)

was inclined to be condesending, which you may understand
when you become a bit wiser; perhaps when you reach my current

let's all just be thankful that we're all old or young enough
to be able to see them live. and hopefully they will be playing
live long enough to enable a few more generations to come to see
them in the flesh. then all us die hard fans will have to contend
with the young'ns who contend that those old farts have no business
being on stage (ala some rolling stone critics).


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