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Tue, 11 Aug 1998 00:02:19 -0400

Well, Hi Wire,

I just want to say that I have to agree with [email protected] on this
one..... *smile*....I've often thought it but never had the guts to
actually post it......but *YEAH*, baby!!!! Well, here goes:

 I understand that U2 can reach a wide age range with their music and can
speak on an incredibly personal level to so many people from so many
stages/ways of life. That is their magic. However, I know where the members
of U2 are on their journey though life, because I'm _right there_, too. If
U2 is the voice of a generation, they most certainly are the voice of the
generation that was born during the late '50's - early '60's. **They are
from this generation.** It is as simple as that. It is truly wonderful
that they reach a wide age range in their audience, but for us in the "U2
age", there will always be a special bond. We have shared this life in a
very close time frame, we remember many of the same things.....
I *remember* being 11, not quite 12 years old and hearing about Bloody
Sunday on the T.V. news, the day after it happened. I was appalled and
swore I would not admit to having any Irish in me in that moment. Now, I
know this isn't rational, but I was a child and I was ashamed of part of my
heritage because of Bloody Sunday. Little did I know that another 11, not
quite 12 year old boy across the ocean in Ireland was just as appalled at
the violence very near him. And Bono grew up to write the words to 'Sunday,
Bloody Sunday' which I heard as an adult. I cried when I *really listened*
to SBS for the first time. I felt a bond with U2, a bond which lasts 'til
this day because I had experienced, to a certain degree what they had
experienced. This is only one example I can give, there are others..... But
I won't bore you anymore..... ;o)

Please, don't flame me. This is a very personal post and their music is
intensely close to my heart, as I know it is to you. We all love U2 that is
why we are here. But, please, do understand that for us that are almost the
same age as the band members themselves, there is an undeniable link
because we have gone through this life together at the same time.

The beauty of their music is that it touches us _all_ so very deeply.

Faith, hope and LOVE,

Di <--------- who's 38 in Sept........1960 - ' 61 were *very* good
years!!! ;o)

"I can't believe the news today,
 I can't close my eyes and make it go away,
 How long, how long must we sing this song,
 How long, how long?" ~Bono~

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