Age....Bonding...and 'Modsavage Spice'

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Well, props to the artist formerly known as Modsavage for being 37....before
you know it, we'll be watching him wheel his oxygen container into Furr's for
the Senior Citizen Sunday Brunch. Before I begin with my main take, let me
just say that if you truly believe you have a bond with Larry because you were
both born on the same day...let me lead the world in a chorus of laughter.
Because i'm pretty sure it's a bond Larry does not share with you. With that

...I don't know what made you decide to absolutely make a fool of yourself,
but I guess that's what happens when you start going up that hill, see the
summit, and look down at the steep decline....'younger people don't have the
same bond to U2 as older people do'???...are you kidding me?

I mean, exactly what kind of bond are you referring to?...and what kind of
bond do you, and those in your age-bracket, have that younger people don't
have? Granted, if you were so fortunate, you could be one to say that you saw
them back in March of 85 at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles...when they were
just beginning, and when the current 'younger fans' were still in elementary
school...THAT would have been the appropriate thing to say. It would have
been appropriate to say that you knew way back then that they were going to be

You could have even said that younger people missed out on a bunch of great
live music, but those kinds of things just happen....then you could have said
you admit that you missed out on some great Rolling Stones/Beatles/Elvis shows
because you were too young.

Hell, I could even understand you telling WIRE that when you, and people in
your age brackage, hear a song from 'War', or 'Boy', you have the ability to
go way back into the memory bank and think about good moments and bad from
your youth and remember what you were doing during that period of time, which
is something younger people can't do. This is something my mother does often
with music of the 60s. But no, you had to go and pull this generic statement
out of your ass and believe not only that it would make sense, but that people
would read it and not have a take on it.

Damn, now it seems like i'm writing your posts for you, which may not be a bad
thing, because your inability to have a take which does not suck was the
reason you got run.

Well guess lived through the Captain and Tenielle, Elton John's
'dress like Donald Duck'-phase, Disco, Menudomania, and cheesy when
your kid sits on your lap and says 'Daddy, whose that man in the duck
costume', you can tell him about the emotional bond you have to EJ and that
bond is something he will never be able to have.....'Ba, Ba, Ba, Benny and the

Hey, to all of you out there who have the early CDs...props to you. I freely
admit that I don't have anything prior to 'The Unforgettable Fire', I don't
own any bootlegs prior to the 4/5/87 Tucson, Arizona show, and quite frankly,
U2 in their early days scare me. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury....I cite
'U2 Live', pages 1-77 as evidence. I became interested in U2 about the same
time the rest of 'mainstream America' became fans, with 'Pride'.

To those that got offended by the Savage's post, there was really no need to
be...he's just showing his age. Don't ever let somebody tell you how much of
a fan you are or aren't, or can or can't be. You see, he probably already
forgot what he posted. I'm sure he already forgot about how he had it on good
authority that U2 would play The Coliseum in Los Angeles after Seattle last

Charbono had what may be the best take of this whole debate when she said:

'I just don't want to be hearing now, about age, or in the
future, that "only Irish people can understand U2: the rest of the world
didn't grow up in the same environment, atmosphere etc etc" or that
"only MALES can truly ever appreciate U2"'

...hopefully there won't be any future lame, blanket-takes in the future.

Dan in TheDesert
***POP for Wildcats***

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