Of U2 age ;o)

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Tue, 11 Aug 1998 13:18:01 EDT

I have to agree with that MODSAVAGE guy.
There is a certain bond that 36 to 38 year olds have with U2.It has to do with
living in that generation and the ones who didn't grow up in those years can't
relate to it. they weren't there.
Some guy posted a bond means you know someone really well. He is wrong. There
are guys who fought in Vietnam and they never met and they have a bond I
couldn't even quite comprehend! A bond isn't specific it is just a common link
and that link is being born in 1960 through 65
Modsavage never said you couldn't enjoy the music if you weren't of U2 age.
All he said was there is a a bit more you understand and feel because you are
of U2 age.
BTW doesn't that Modsavage guy give away things for free all the time??
He must be a good guy!!
We should all be like him!!
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