Let's go staring at the sun, one year from now

ANCA ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:30:49 +0300

On August 11, 1999, one year from today, there'll be a total eclipse of the
sun, having its best point of view in Bucharest,
Romania, Europe.

So, brothers and sisters wirelings, why won't you come here, in
Romania, to see what it's REALLY staring at the sun, together?
Like a WIRE meeting with a *higher* scope! I'm rather serious
about this, I'm not great at organising things but I know people
who are and maybe we'll hire an open-air place, play U2 music
and watch the eclipse. Anyway, I have a whole year ahead to
work out the details!

As for real U2 content, here are some connections between U2
and Romania, a place where they feared to tread until now:

1. Bono wrote 'A Sort Of Homecoming' about the Romanian-
Jewish surrealist poet Paul Celan, who lived in France since 1948
and wrote poetry in German. He committed suicide in 1970, at 50,
but his parents had died in a concentration camp during the war.
The source for this information: 'A Conspiracy Of Hope' - I never
heard of Paul Celan before reading it, as he was forbidden in
Romania, being a refugee.
2. The booklet for 'Zooropa' includes in the collage a half-picture
of the former Communist dictator Ceaushescu (I know you
people spell it Ceaucescu usually, but this is closer to how it's
heard). The same picture features in the opening of the 'Zoo TV',
during the 'Ode to Joy' sequence - he has a grey fur hat.
3. Another picture of Ceaushescu appears in the 'Mission:
Impossible' video, during the first 30 seconds, on a screen in the
top left corner. It's the 'official' picture, that 'embellished' our
school books.
4. This is indirect - the 'Mission: Impossible' movie features 2
Romanian actors, among the greatest in our country. Saddly, they
both die within the first 15 minutes of the film.

Maybe the above will qualify for your site, Bob?
'Did I bug you? I didn't mean to bug you!'

Stay U2-nited and happy to go blind!
Anca (from Romania)

Far away, so close!

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