Age is Relative!

Jennifer White ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:09:59 -0400

hmmm...lets see about 20 years ago, i too had a pair of cool checkered
pants similar to bono's only they were toddler size!.... even got pics to
prove it..what was my mom thinking! LOL! Anyway....turned 23 in June
(woohoo for Geminis!!!) not too old not too young! just right for me!
Ive only recently bought the older U2 Boy...october...and i feel
they are amazing....i think it would have be interesting to have grown up
with U2 but feel that i have a different advantage...when listening to the
songs from the early years you can hear their struggle to find
themselves..but as you 'pop' in another cd you can listen to them grow
....kind of nice when you are struggling to figure out who you are....there
is hope! we younger wirleings can use that to our advantage....take their
life experiences and learn from them! While U2 were in america I believe
bono said he finally figured out what it was to be Irish. I hope to one
day figure out who i am and what it is to be an american....because right
now im not exactly proud to be an american...but thats another story!!!

"sweet the sin, but bitter the taste in my mouth"

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