Not Enough Credit!

Paul Passantino ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:34:30 PDT

I think (i know) U2 deserves more Credit for there on
VH1's 100 greatest artist U2 got 28!! i was very Amazed! i thought they
should have gotten number 1. or at least the top 5!
MTV and VH1 never play U2 videos! like that other girl said all they
play is teenage boys that look like girls, or 5 stupid flaky girls from
england or were ever they are from!or that dumb song that they play over
and over "might as well be walking on the sun"! I honestly would watch
tv and listen to the radio more often if i heard U2!

P.S. i am also looking for the ultra rare tracks 7 & 12... all i have is
a stupid tape of it!

If you want to see my webpage on U2 and ONLY U2 it is

Thank you!

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