another copycat

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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 02:49:10 -0400 (EDT)


tonight on david letterman, harvey danger was the musical guest. and there
was a drummer, and a bass player, AND a guitar player, the SAME
instruments that u2 has! freaking' copycats!
and GET THIS! the singer, he had 2 LEGS, just like bono! i think that
he even had the same number of fingers on each hand as bono! what nerve.

(the preceeding paragraph was merely a joke, so no one get your undies in
a ruffle. i just think it is funny how upset people get when a guy holds
his mike with 2 hands. just remember, imitation is the best form of
flattery. We all know that u2 is the best band in the land, so even
if some other bands wear similiar sunglasses, they will never reach the
same league as u2. u2 is the trend SETTER, the rest are merely followers.)

easily amused at people who take things too seriously,

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