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No real U2 content here, but I got a laugh over the name of the pub
mentioned in this article...kinda wonder what their decor is like? :)


Irish Times
Friday, August 7, 1998

--> Judge jails Cork publican for contempt

Judge jails Cork publican for contempt

A publican who was jailed for contempt of court after allowing music to be
played in his bar is expected to appear in court today to apologise.

William Creagh, of The Joshua Tree, Blarney Street, Cork, was jailed by
Judge Patrick Moran yesterday because, said the judge, "he doesn't give two
hoots about the court."

"I don't like sending him to prison but I must because otherwise the whole
system becomes a joke," said Judge Moran. "This was a blatant breach of a
court order."

The background to the case is a planning issue and in two previous court
appearances an undertaking was given that no music would be played in the

Nearby residents had complained about the noise and nuisance of music.

Yesterday, evidence was presented to Judge Moran that music had, in fact,
been played there.

Telling Mr Tom Creed, who was representing Creagh, that he did not wish to
hear his client, Judge Moran said he had to make a stand.

"A court order has to be respected and if it isn't, the system breaks down.
The whole city would be laughing at me and other judges and people would do
whatever they wanted."

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