About this age crap....

Tina Darrell ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 18:13:43 +0930

Who really cares? What does it really matter? Why oh why did you bring
this up? Where you that bored? Or were you stupid enough............?

Oh no! I'm only turning 17 this November!!! I better get all my U2 cd's,
tapes, records, posters and BURN THEM.....for I am not worthy......

When it comes down to the wire (no pun intended I assure you) what the
"older" generation of U2 fans are saying is that the younger are not as
deserving or grateful or appreciative or whatever as they are........

Don't you see? Or are you all blinded by the heat of an argument? We ALL
love U2's music.....we ALL love what they do......and how they do
it.......we ALL love U2!! Isn't that enough? What makes me a better or
more "bonded" U2 fan than the next person? A person's perception and
understanding of what they offer us is completely individual (
irrespective of age I might add) .......and it should stay that way.

You say you're 36-38? How about acting your age? You have no
excuse........you've lived through more than us......

Tina da Achtung Chick

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