Re: Re: Emma, Jen, John, Aiofe

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 14:10 +0200 (MET)

                                Hi U2 lovers !

        First, to Emma who wrote:
>this is just a note to all of you who say that to have a "bond" with U2,
>you have to be the same age as the band members.

        Who told this ? I never read this...

        To Jen who wrote:
>we younger wirleings can use that to our advantage....take their
>life experiences and learn from them!

        You really think we couldn't do the same thing at that moment ? ;-))
OK! It's a joke ! ;-)

>While U2 were in america I believe
>bono said he finally figured out what it was to be Irish. I hope to one
>day figure out who i am and what it is to be an american....

        It's easy. Go to another country for holidays for instance,
especially a country which is very different of yours, and you'll feel more
american, you can believe me. It's when you see others ways of life you
become really conscious other ways of life can exist.

        To Aoife Heaney : THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!! The irish
sense of humour is the best one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

             To "John J. Hlavaty" <[email protected]> message is very
interesting and i strongly agree with him, even if i've not exactly the good
age (i'm only 32 ;-) ) like this part (for instance):
>ModSavage's basic point was lost in his writing. That's
>unfortunate as he did have an interesting point. What he
>was TRYING to say (or so I believe) is that those of us
>close in age to the members of U2 can relate to them more
>simply because we all experienced the same world events. We
>recall the Carter- Iran Hostage crisis.

       I just disagree with him about a little part of his message :
He wrote:
>As for an "older" fan feeling they know more about U2,
>that's just nonsense. I continue to learn new things
>about U2 every day. I may have been a fan longer, but
>it doesn't mean I know more.

       Sorry, John, but i've never met any young fan who knows more things
about U2 than me. But i know, i didn't meet everybody ;-). I'm NOT saying i
know everything, i'm just saying i know more things than the young fans i've
met until today. I don't know for you or for the others fans, young or old,
but i became a fan as soon as i've heard my first U2 song, because it
expressed exactly what i felt at that time. So, i looked for any news/infos
about the band immediately. I subscribed to my first fanclub a little later
and it taught me many things. And when i talk now with young fans who know
U2 since Zooropa for instance, i usually discover they don't know many
things about U2 first albums for instance, or how each member met the
others, or what happenned during their first shows...So, i usually share my
infos with them. Obviously, they can know some things i don't still know but
collectively, i know more things than them. Moreover, they often made
mistakes about some U2 events they didn't live at that moment because they
were too young. I hope my message doesn't make you anxious about young
french U2 fans ;-).
        However, i think the younger fans who are lucky enough to have U2
fans parents can be compared with the older fans on that way. The fact isn't
only older fans have a bond or a better bond with U2, the fact is the olders
share something more in their life with U2 because they lived the same
international events, but it doesn't mean they're more fans or whatever.
        BTW, why some young fans are so upset by the fact they're usually
less mature than olders ? That's life and we all have been young ! And don't
forget that's the older fans who made U2 famous ! ;-))

        Please, don't take offense about this and don't forget we're all
equal about the most important thing : MUSIC !

        In the name of love


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