Bono's Underpants, and more age stuff

Jo Spurrier ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:27:50 +0930

U2girl said: >like who really wants to know what
> colour jocks Bono wears?

and Prarit replied:
>I'm voting for purple. Or maybe a nice mauve?

Well, according to Flannagans book, Bono wears either black briefs or
nothing...damn, this trivia is fun. see, us whippersnappers do have some
knowledge of U2. Bloody hell, i stop reading wire for a few days and all
hell breaks loose...
and for the record, i'd like to say that a persons understanding of U2's
music does not depend on that person's age, but rather on how much they
obsess over the music!! sure, older people (haha! old!) who are the same
age as the band have a bond with them, simply through growing up in the
same era - but younger people also have a bond with U2, and it is equally
strong, because we have grown up with a mature U2, especially through the
age where we form an idea of what the world is like and how we fit into it
- listening to U2 through such formative years fixes ideas about politics,
spirituality and...stuff (you know what i mean) that the older generation
didn't have access to when they were growing up. damn that was a long
scentence. oh, well, just insert the punctuation where you see fit.
Jo S.
>^..^< <*((()))><

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