Re: sniff sniff. it seemed sooo original (the answer to the riddle)

Haley Miller ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 11:46:20 -0400

CornFlake(and wire),

I take it you got yelled at by one of the self-appointed wire task force for
posting the riddle again :-( LOL! What EVER WOULD we do without our
content-managers patrolling the net and screeching at well intended posts
that don't fit THEIR description of appropriate. That riddle HAS made a
repeated appearance on Wire. We should add it to the FAQ and be done with

Here's the answer (supposedly Microsoft asked this question of it's intern
programme manager applicants.... they didn't ask me, the b*st*rds. oh well,
their loss... (and no I'm NOT bitter :-) )

here is the riddle, JUST in case no ones read it before (sorry corn flake,
that was mean, I apologize :) )
>u2 have a concert in 17 minutes. they have to cross a bridge to
>get to it. only one or two members are allowed to cross at a time. there
>is one flashlight and everytime someone crosses the bridge, they must
>have the flashlight. each band walks at a different pace:
> Bono- 1 minute
> Edge- 2 minutes
> Adam- 5 minutes
> Larry- 10 minutes

since you have to have someone walk the flashlight back and forth, you want
the fasted people to walk with it and the slowest people paired and crossing

Bono, Edge and flashlight cross 2 mins
Bono and flashlight cross back 1 min
Adam, Larry and flashlight cross 10 mins
Edge and flashlight cross back 2 mins
Bono, Edge and flashlight cross 2 mins

Not a raisin girl,

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