suzanne van der linden ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:01:49 PDT

I have find out from a friend of Geraldo here in Holland that he has
been arrested and officially charged with illegal bootlegging by the
BUMA and NVPI (Holland ASCAP and RIAA).

The original email is in Dutch, our native language, and he wishes to be
secret. This is a translation.
But his message say:
"Geraldo was raided on July 30 at his home. They took ALL his CDs,
mastertapes, DATs, videos, (many thousands) and computer and comuter
files with customers. He was put in jail and stay there for a while. All
his Cd burning equipment and everything is gone.
He is trying to arrange a deal to tell on others he knows who also
bootleg for a nicer treatment."

It is also a rumour that he was told on by Principle/ Polygram because
of his large public profile. This is just a rumor though, nobody knows
if true. It does ake smart sense though.


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