Hi everyone!!

Annemarie Donegan ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:36:33 PDT

   I'm having a boring day today, so I'm posting again. I have a
question/request for anyone who can help me out. I need a live version
of Acrobat. I know Slicer will be giving them away, but I need one soon.
I'm doing a school project. I have to make a video about someone I
consider an Irish pioneer for Irish Lit. Naturally, I chose U2. I wanted
to use that song in it. I have the original version, but I'm doing a
segment on U2's amazing live performances, and I'd like to include this
song as backround. FYI I'm also using Sunday Bloody Sunday and MLK from
Rattle and Hum. They never play it live. If I don't get it soon I'll
have to use a different song. *sniffle* You can email me privatly or
post to me. Either way, please help me out!!
Also, does anyone have any ideas for other especially moving songs? I
have my own tastes but I'd like some feedback. Thanks!!
                                     In The Name Of Lemons,
P.S. Sory I didn't sign my other post. I was in a rush and I forgot:)
"Don't let the bastards grind you down"

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