Geraldo is NOT arrested.. don't believe the spam (repost?)

Reno ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 21:14:17 +0200 (CEST)

[I'm sorry if this appears twice - I added some in this post though]

Just got of the phone with Geraldo's parents. He's alive and kicking..
they saw him this morning, and he looked great :) He was NOT arrested or
anything like that. Is that source reliable enough for you, Deseree?

<<okay, i'm going to put my neck out big time here. But isn't this
*suzanne* the one that was panicking here a few weeks ago about someone at
Zooropean being killed, in fact, what was the word she used
...beheaded? >>

This Suzanne is affiliated with Zooropean if I am right. Zooropean and
Geraldo worked together, but Geraldo left because of some dispute. Draw your
own conclusion. I'd advice anyone to just ignore posts like this from any
one who comes even near to Zooropean as they're just in for some awfully
childish and exaltative nonsense. How low can you go?! There's many levels
to Zooropean, but this is definitly the lowest.

I guess my head is next to role.. or Interference's.. or Cor's or anyone
else's who has valid critisism on those money-greedy people.

<<I mean The Netherlands seems to be a real dangerous place all of a
sudden. >>

Ow yeah.. Watch out! I just ducked a rain of bullets here around the
corner.. witnessed a raid and the river Rhine was red from all the blood
shed in the south :) Fortunatly, my heart's where it's always been.. my head
still somewhere in between. As is Chuck's.

Don't believe the hype,

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