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cornflake girl ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 12:28:05 PDT


no, i wasn't flamed for the riddle non-raisin girl :-) i just didn't
realize that it had posted and i hate it when people do that.

as for this age-> i think that people are missing the point. the "35
year old crowd" isn't suggesting that they are more deserving than the
younger generation of u2's music-> that sounds really funny though. the
point they are trying to make is that they were old enough to fully
understand what u2 was talking about when they wrote "bullet the blue
sky". it doesn't mean they feel more passionate about the issue or
better understand the meaning of that song. their point is that they
would be better identifers, than someone who was 7 at the time, to call
upon what would prompt someone to write a song like that. i couldn't
tell what the news was reporting back in 1983 and how that fully
effected music. the younger generation of u2 also share a bond of their
own. they share the bond of being completetly in touch with the issues
today that are shaping their lives... that doesn't mean that they
understand u2 better. that's like saying that my sister knows my mother
better cause she is older than me. what they mean is that where maybe
they could sit down with bono, edge, adam, or larry and discuss what it
was like back in 1985 when there was still a Berlin Wall and how they
felt about that at that point and if they thought that the wall was ever
going to come down (yada, yada, yada), a person who is 15 really
couldn't say-> back then, i felt sad<- unless, they were into current
events at that early age ;-)

too many people are taking this sooo personally. no one ever said that
the older generation understood u2 better-> they just said that they
share a bond. that should make sense. don't you guys tend to have
friends that around your age? and isn;t that because you share a bond
with them and have gone through many of the same experiences at the same

love ya,

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