Re: Geraldo is NOT arrested.. don't believe the spam

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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 16:17:31 EDT

Hello fellow Wirelings,

Well, now I feel I need to get a bit serious for a moment. Reno made some
serious and very false allegations against us at Zooropean that we feel the
need to clear up.

Whether Geraldo is arrested or not is of no consequence for us at Zooropean.
If he does deal in illegal recordings (and from his posts is there any doubt)
than he asks for trouble. We do not concern ourselves with him.

Geraldo did used to work for Zooropean and we discontinued working with them.
It was mutual. We all went seperate ways. To each their own, ya know?

Suzanne is not affiliated in any way with us, although she may be a
subscriber. I find it very hypocritical for Reno to defend someone who
charges high prices for illegal recordings and then to turn around and call us
greedy or money hungry. We provide a magazine and a service, and most people
appreciate it.

Zooropean offers a magazine and merchandise. Other people on Wire and
everywhere also offer merchandise. But when you are as big as we have become,
you come to expect some people slagging. When you stick your head above the
crowd someone will throw a rock at it.

Reno said: >> "This Suzanne is affiliated with Zooropean if I am right.
Zooropean and
Geraldo worked together, but Geraldo left because of some dispute. Draw
own conclusion. I'd advice anyone to just ignore posts like this from
one who comes even near to Zooropean as they're just in for some awfully
childish and exaltative nonsense. How low can you go?! There's many
to Zooropean, but this is definitly the lowest."<<

You are most certainly NOT right. She is affiliated with us no more than you
or any subscriber is, Reno. I define low as someone whom posts off-the-cuff
accusations and irredeemable falsehoods, such as your comments.
I would think if Suzanne was affiliated with us, then she would know that my
head is firmly attatched to my body and that I am quite alive and quite well
(no comments, please :) ).

Reno, take my advice: get your facts straight and do not libel anyone. You are
wrong and by posting nonsense like this you are only spreading further ill
will and lies.

Reno went on to say: >>I guess my head is next to role.. or Interference's..
or Cor's or anyone
else's who has valid critisism on those money-greedy people.<<

Interference is none of our concern anymore. We do not roll heads, unless
someone steals from us. Those that have will be dealt with in court. You named
names, we did not.
 I have nothing against you, Reno, other than you are spreading untruths and
lies. We at Zooropean have nothing against Geraldo personally, he went his
way, we went ours. We may not like what he does, but that is left to kharma.
 I met him (albeit in a fog of jet lag and lack of sleep) and he seemed okay.
We at Zooropean have no time for the past, we kiss the future. I encourage you
and all of us to do the same.

>>Fortunatly, my heart's where it's always been.. my
still somewhere in between. As is Chuck's.<<

What is that supposed to mean? My head is attached. :) But where is your
heart? If you have one, I would expect to see a retraction and apology.

>>Don't believe the hype<<
AHA! The only true thing in Reno's entire post!

Peace (PLEASE!), Love (try to feel it), and Lemons (mmm),

Chuck Anderson
Zooropean U2 magazine

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