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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 21:53:28 EDT

suzanne wrote:
"I also believe that deseree as also posted rumors in past, but I do not
think everythng you post is not true. Afford me like courtesy."

Correct me if I am wrong (and I'm sure someone will), but I do believe that
Deseree will normally state a statement as being rumor, or list a source...

Speaking of which -- hearsay is not a reliable source -- any court of law
would not allow it. What, you don't have LA Law or Matlock over there?
(Hehehe.) What other evidence do you have to present your case?

suzanne also said...
"I know this report of Geraldo getting arrested and charged for
bootlegging is true, it comes from his friend."

Okay ... we will see. And some friend he/she is, by the way, if Geraldo wants
it to be kept secret. It seems that his friend has gone and told the "mouth
of the South." (just a little expression here in the Southern states).

Not like I care anyway ... he continues to send me unsolicited email even
though I send him everything back with a BIG BOLD :::::REMOVE::::: on it.
Maybe some jail time will make him a little more humble about his bootlegging

In the name of Sparky, and getting boots for free or less,
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

Thanks to all who have enlightened me about Vita-Brits. Sounds like a
wonderful breakfast treat! NOT!

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