Age issue

MISS PATRICIA M HEFNER ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 23:57:26, -0500

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I don't really think the fact that some of us have been listening to U2
longer than others matters. If you're listening to the music, and
feeling that special bond with the band, then that's what matters. It
doesn't matter if that started last week or seventeen years ago. To push
this argument to its "logical" conclusion: I could be bummed out that
nobody had the same sort of experience that I did. In 1981, my favorite
group was Pink Floyd. . When "I Will Follow" {which is still my favorite
U2 song) hit me like a ton of bricks, and then saw the band at Red Rocks
, I knew my previous faves had been outclassed big time. Maybe someone
else got knocked out by "Mysterious Ways"--I mean, what the heck? No two
people have quite the same U2 experience. But, hey, they're all pretty
cool. We don't need to pigeonhole the "ideal" experience of becoming a
U2 fan.


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