Age matters(no pun intended) :)

rob okorn ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:45:27 PDT

In the general scheme of things 'all that matters is the music.' OK,
cool, agreed. But that's just an 11th hour back door response, tangent
Rather than using the politically incorrect 'bond' term, the point that
was buried was that U2 fans APPRECIATE U2 songs differently. For
example, a song like 'Bullet...Sky' was alot more relevant in 1987, it
meant more in '87, it said something pertaining to that era that
affected people's interpreations of what was really going on.
It's a diferent feeling for the person who buys and listens to
Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree the first few days it's released and
being blown away and the anticipation of the live event that awaited.
I'm sure all U2 fans can understand and interpret any U2 song but when
you're there at that moment in time, it's a different feeling, a
stronger connection with the music and lyrics. There's also the
psychology 101 argument, hear a song you were fond of as an adolescent
in later years and it triggers memories of your adolescence, hence the
stronger connection with those particular songs.
It's not a superiority/inferiority issue, it's turned into more of a
respect issue. It's too easy to make sweeping generalizations that 'age
is irrelevant' with an expletitive and condescending babble.
By the way, while the young fans seem to be lumped into the 16-23 range,
the 'older' fans seem to get the '32-38' year old tag, guess what alot
of them are actually just past their mid 20's so some of us haven't
reached the fossilized creaker state at the local bone orchard.

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