Re: help me find this song.

Tim Tschirner ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 10:10:30 +0200


>I remember hearing a live U2 song (from a bootleg or something) all I
>remember is Bono saying in the song:
>What is this I see over here, I see a two letter word, I see S.F. and U2 is
>that a girls name or does that stand for sharing ... ****words I can't
>remember**** of Ireland, .. cause if it does I don't know how you can
>****words I can't remember***** to it, because you bastards left them 51
>wounded and **number forgetten*** dead, in the name of freedom, .....fuck

this is from the "Save the Yuppies Free Concert" which took place
in San Francisco (hence the S.F., it always amused me that Bono
didn't realize this in the first place ;-) during The Joshua Tree Tour.


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