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Thu, 13 Aug 1998 05:57:31 EDT

The funny thing about my little post.............
"So sorry for all you who aren't the U2 age. 37-38
There are so many things you'll never understand because you aren't like us!!
Oh well
Too bad for you
The ones who are my age and share the bond understood the post.
I must admit my second post was a little provoking, but it was supposed to be.
Somebody won a prize.
I give away U2 stuff. (if you haven't noticed)
So for all you others
Thank you all for amusing me for the past few days.
I can believe the reaction I got, cause I predicted it.
One guy I said I used "bond" in a politically incorrect way?
What is that?
Say what you mean!
I hate politically correct.
It is such the weasel way out.
There are several meanings to the word bond.
Listening to U2 music you should know that you don't think specific.
Some of you read what you wanted and just ran with an angry reply!
Some of you acted like two year olds who were afraid you might have missed
something. Ever so fearful that someone else might have a little more incoming
with U2 than you!
Funny, I think!
You that get personal? You just suck! You ruin any valid point you may have
had by personal attacks.
I can't believe how arrogant some of you are.
Don't try to pretend like you know what I meant to write or was trying to do.
You don't know.
You are not me.
Don't bad mouth my writing and go on to pontificate like the Almighty sent you
down from the heavens above to heal and educate the unwashed, uneducated
masses and dazzling them with your brilliant insight into my little post.
Get over yourself!
You don't have a clue!
Well, a few of you did.
This guy was really close to the mark!
[email protected] (John Hlavaty)
Someone was bold enough to say
"What would Bono say?"
Talk about arrogance!!
To even imagine you would know what Bono would say? Is, well, GOOFY!
The amazing thing is that some of you said "Enough of the age thing" and then
went on to write volumes. I think your point was made in the title of your
DRay you make me laugh. Mad props to you!!.
I am surprised you didn't write
You that think you are funny by doing old people jokes.
Your not!
What is your point?
At least come back with an intelligent response.
Those who did,
I thank you!
You used you brain without prejudice.
You are awesome, but I am sure you know that.
In my original post. I didn't get specific on purpose. I never said any of you
can't be great fans. Or have an appreciation for there music or even
understand U2 music. You can write all you want about how you feel about U2.
How the music has touched your life,
What I said is true.
Some stuff you wont "Understand" or "Get" because you weren't alive or old
enough to understand what it was like to grow up in our generation. It is as
simple as that.
Sure you can read or be told about our generation but wont transcend to you
like it did us.
It is not a bad thing.
You don't lose any points to see who is the best U2 fan.
You still have your standing.
Accept it.
It is all you can do!
It is like when I saw Zoo tv with my sister. She isn't a huge U2 fan. But
after the concert my sister, mother of three, said "That BONO is awesome I
would swallow for him!" I was like "Wow dudette!"!! Then at POPMART in San
Diego I was on the floor. When Bono came out he was awesome. I was blown away.
Then I looked around and saw how the girls were going crazy. Not blown away
by his stage presences like I was, it was totally different. My sister and the
girls have a bond I could never comprehend. Why? I am not a girl.
It is very simple.
Don't be offended.
I am just a child myself!
Thank you all for thinking and entertaining me
"I went looking, I went looking. I went looking for spirit, I found alcohol. I
went looking for soul and I bought some style. I WANTED TO MEET GOD! to sell
me religion." Bono POPMART
p.s someone even said that wasn't a correct quote??
guess again

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