Re: Wire fundraising to bail out Geraldo?

[email protected]
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 06:33:27 -0400

>Hey all,
>Anyone got a way we, the caring sharing Wire people, can raise some dosh
>to bail out Geraldo?
>Let me know please.

Wouldn't you say Geraldo's already gotten
enough money out of Wire from overpricing?
He surely doesn't need any MORE...
I was one of those people who bought a 45$
2-cd from him before I knew there were cheaper
ways than to break the bank for single boot...
If he has indeed been busted, I hope it sends a
message to those who want to get rich off
of U2's work, as opposed to those who just
want to get the music out there for as little
monetary gain as possible!

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