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Thu, 13 Aug 1998 07:11:01 EDT

Sorry Just catching up on some post, I know I have been neglectful in reading
them but here is some of what i want to respond to


Nikky wrote:
>Know what song I'd absolutely looooooooove to hear Bono sing?
>"Something"- a classic from the Beatles' Abbey Road.

Now THAT would be a song I would also love to hear him sing!! Can you imagine
how sexy he would make it sound!!! My GOd I am melting just thinking about


Dan Writes about the age of fans and his atack on MOD
>.I don't know what made you decide to absolutely make a fool of
>but I guess that's what happens when you start going up that hill, see
>summit, and look down at the steep decline....'younger people don't have
>same bond to U2 as older people do'???...are you kidding me?
>Well guess lived through the Captain and Tenielle, Elton
>'dress like Donald Duck'-phase, Disco, Menudomania

Dan you are a RIOT!!!! the sad thing is that I can remember Elton's Donald
Duck phase and now i have that image in my head Thank's Dan

The whole age thing is such BS I am 30 so does that make the fact that i can
clearly remeber being in love with U2 since i was 15 and first heard New Years
Day make me any better than the teenagers, no.. So MOD maybe you are starting
with the "oldhimers"

my two cents for now until I get home and read more posts

*POP for Peace*

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