*NEW* AI Auction Items!

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 08:58:04 -0400

 This week's fare (we have some GREAT stuff this week!) is as follows:

-Popmart Blows Into the Windy City Boot
Donated by John Hlavaty

-Please Promo with Research Hook
Donated by Dan Eliot

- Staring at the Sun USA Promo
Donated by Nukenoodls

- Passengers USA Promo CD
Donated by Nukenoodls

- Zoo TV Japanese "Zooshi" Tour Book
Donated by Elizabeth Platt

- POP Promo Condoms
Donated by Nico

- POP Promo Poster
Donated By Nico

 Follow the URLS to use the auction HTML and place your bids - it's
extremely simple to use! We've ditched eBay, you HOTMAIL people now will
have no problem! :)

Go here to check out all of the auction items-


The categories are not listing the right number of items, but if you click
on them, you will see all of our stuff come up for each one!

**Many Thanks** to Todd for hooking me up with the use of this script!

The script will let you know if you are outbid and will show who the high
bidder is throughout the auction.

Questions? email me!!

Heidi ---> just noticed that she spelled "condoms" wrong in the auction
listing...SORRY! :)

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