advanced years (so I didnt want to just put 'age')

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Thu, 13 Aug 1998 06:37:21 PDT

(incase anyone *ahem* has any ideas to the contrary....this is not


Modsavage wrote:
>Ever so fearful that someone else might have a little more incoming
>with U2 than you!

  To quote you, Mod, youve "read what you wanted" in the posts....not
what was really there. I dont think any of this has been about who knows
the most about U2. The point most of us 'youngins' were trying to make
is that you may know more about U2 (or whatever) but that is *NOT*
nessecarily a result of your more advanced years.

>You just suck! You ruin any valid point you may have
>had by personal attacks.

  I dont remember, personally, making any personal attacks (I also know
that that comment *probably* wasnt directed at me, but at the end of the
day I can only speak for myself). I dont remember reading any "attacks",
except by you. I guess you do have a "special bond" with Bono....your
sure arrogant enough to identify with him (lol but THAT is another
argument altogether).

>Get over yourself!
>You don't have a clue!

   How can you presume to judge *anyone* on this list???

>pontificate like the Almighty sent you down from the heavens above to
>heal and educate the unwashed, uneducated masses

   No, Im not posting this to heal the sick, or right centuries of
injustices....but sometimes people need a little tap on the shoulder to
wake them up from their "Im a god" dream state. Consider this your tap.
(I didnt say I'd never ever sink to personal attacks lol)

>Some stuff you wont "Understand" or "Get" because you weren't alive >or
old enough to understand what it was like to grow up in our >generation

  True.....not everyone was 'blessed' (ok thats the last time, I
promise) enough to be a part of your generation. But *every* generation
has its battles....whether they be against an enemy holding guns.....or
one that's simply ignorance and apathy (think 'Staring at the sun'). War
is not exclusive to any single generation. Famine, natural disasters,
fights for personal freedom, identity crisis', crime, drugs, sex,
equality, discrimination....all of these are as relevant today as they
ever were. The battles are being fought still....and will be fought

>Thank you all for thinking and entertaining me

  Your welcome. I hope its worth it (although I must say that WIRE wont
be shaken to its very foundations by something as small as this).

I refuse to "stare at the sun",

P.S. >I hate politically correct. It is such the weasel way out.
  I prefer to think of it as being curteous and indiscriminatory (I KNOW
I spelt that wrong).Weasling out? I bet you are a white male. If so, you
can afford that view (please dont anyone interpret that as me being
sexist or racist).

>You that think you are funny by doing old people jokes. Your not!
  Do I detect a little insecurity about your age?? (ok I deserve to get
flamed for that one)

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