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Joseph Tan ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 10:33:01 PDT

Dear Jennifer,

      Yes,I do know how you spell BEETLES.I posted that message in the
first place cos the world seems to think that the Rolling Stones and the
Beatles are great yadda,yadda...but the point is how great are their
songs compared to U2's and how much better do they connect to people,how
much more effect do they have on people?Songs relate messages and if
people cannot understand/"connect" with them,then what's the point?What
I'm trying to say is(pardon my poor command of this language to express
myself clearly),that U2 songs allow people of a wider age group to
understand them,not just winning fans because they only SOUND good.U2's
music to me have always had this simplistic beauty that is easy to
understand and to interpret.Isn't this the effect that songs should
always try to achieve?To reach out to audiences of all kinds?I made a
poll and fer your info,a "Poll" tells you an average statistic.Your case
belong to a certain almost-extinct species...Robbie even told me that
another poll last year showed that U2 fans ranges from 12-50+!Much wider
range than in my poll!Woohoo!I don't think there should be any debate on
U2's fans' ages cos the real debate should be about just how
great/influencial is U2 compared to the Beetles and the Rolling
pebbles?Sure they spawned many genres of music but is that really more
important than teaching people to feel,to act with a conscience or how
to face problems?I think the real heroes of rock are not those who
started rock,but those like U2 who are still creative even though almost
every type of music has been explored and regurgitated.Now,ask
yourself:Do I like those 2 has-beens bands just because their music
sound good?Do I like U2's music because not only do they sound good,they
have meanings I can relate to and they make me cry?

HOLY "Flame ME!!!" JOsEph

p.s.Did I say I'm only 18?F*ck that!

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