Re: hmtmkmkm on popmart from mexico city.........."fuck this"/floor seats

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 19:34:08 +0200


>At the opening of the song hmtmkmkm bono is coughing a lung up and says
>"fuck this!!" did he do this on all the popmart shows or just this one. I
>was at the Denver show and don't recall him doing this.
>What the hell does he mean i've been pondering this since i seen the show
>the first night on showtime.

I know that he did it at least in Wiener Neustadt (Austria) 16-08-97
he said "fuck that" before the song.

But I don't know, if he done it at any other place too (except Mexico City)

I think it refers to the coughing/laughing part.

It was pretty cool IMO.

2) about the floor

Mike Prevatt <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I must
>> say, I see footage of British bands playing, say, Wembley or Glastonbury
>> Reading and I get excited just seeing a huge massive crowd below the
>> jumping up and down and all.

Elizabeth Platt <[email protected]> wrote:
>Sure, it _looks_ exciting, but so does the running of the bulls at
>Pamplona, and you don't see me going there, do you?

speaking as an European fan, it looks and it IS great :))

>The general admission
>bit may be fine and dandy for someone who's young, willing to push and
>bully their way to the front, and has great bladder control. I just hate
>to see some sort of ugly social Darwinism dictate who gets down front,
>that's all; what if someone is short, or disabled, or wears glasses (in a
>mosh pit?!), or just doesn't feel the need to use their feet, fists and
>elbows to get 10 feet closer to Bono? And yes, this shit does go an at U2
>shows--even at venues as small as the Point in Dublin, I've seen big,
>lunky guys shove and flail on itty-bitty teenaged girls in an effort to
>get down front. I suppose these same folks then turn around and
>praise U2 because the band are, like, opposed to violence 'n' stuff! :P

well, I was at 2 major concerts, U2 last year and the Rolling Stones this
I was both times on the floor (btw, it was an airfield, so there was only

needless to say, that the Stones weren't half as great as U2 :))

there were 73000 people at the U2 show and 70000 at the Stones concert

the newspaper reported both years, that no excesses happened
the crowds were peacefull, and there was never a big problem!

all you have to do to get a great place is waiting for some hours
personally I don't mind it, because in that way I don't have to spend big
big bucks that I don't have
to get a good place

I heard that someone payed $300 for a frontrow seat.
we have standart prices for the floor, so I payed about $55 and I stood
exactly at the b-stage (this year)


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