zooropean ungroundedly put in questionable daylight (non u2)

Reno ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:20:14 +0200 (CEST)

First off, I'd appreciate it if people could take comments to me privately,
as this has little to do with U2. Yet, in an attempt to avoid legal actions
against me, I feel forced to write the following.

Last night, when I was about to go to bed around midnight, I got a phonecall
from Sander Wiersma, head of Zooropean, who wanted to discuss the
misunderstanding that was created here on Wire. We had a constructive talk,
with the purpose to come to a better understanding of each other. It was
indeed an error of me to link Suzanne's actions ungroundedly to Zooropean,
with the result that I impulsively called Zooropean untrustable and
money-greedy. However, I did say I was not sure Suzanne is affiliated to
Zooropean. Sander said she is not in any way related to them, I believe him,
and by this way I apologise for my ungrounded insinuations.

I have a right to form an opinion on anything, and I am free to express my
opinions in any way I wish to, provided I leave a rightional
person/institution in his/her/its value. If you don't agree with me, then
that's in your own right. This said, it's my opinion that it shows lack of
respect for someone else's opinion, by threatening with law suits, without
any initiative to solve a problem from person to person. Sander and I did
eventually. Though, in private email correspondance with Sander it became
apparent that the issue of a possible civil law suit was not meant as a
treath, yet it certainly came across that way.
When someone disagrees with you in a public forem, it sure can be
unpleasant, but there's nothing you can do about that, other than publically
stating where you don't agree, without twisting someone's words to your own

If this argument would have bothered me more than it did, I would have been
offended by Sander's strong demand that I should make a public apology,
backed with that if I didn't, he'd take me to court for libel. He has the
right to do so if he feels I did Zooropean injustice. Nothing legally wrong
about that. I apologise where I found I have failed. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I apologised to Sander personally and here on Wire in my own wording. It
would show of sincerety on his side if Sander would apologise for the threat
to start legal actions as eventhough it might have been unintended, keeping
an eye on the way his demands were perceived, I surely felt threatened. Then
the case is closed as far as I'm concerned.

I'd appreciate any feedback of any kind to be send to [email protected]

Thanks for your time,

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