Re: PopMart Concert

Bec W. ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:35:20 PDT

does anyone have a video tape or cd of the L.A. PopMart concert?
willing to pay reasonable amount!!!!!!!!

also one more thing....not that it neccesarily has to do with you guys
on Wire...... but i think that nobody gives Edge,Larry,or Adam enough
Credit! they always say....i have Bono's Glasses from popmart but never
i have edges guitar pick or Larry's drum stick...

Hello...I have a copy of that video for some strange reason!! (It was
June 21st, right, when Davy Jones got up to sing? That was cool!!)
Email me and we'll work something out.
I guess your sort of right about what you said...but Bono's the lead
singer, so naturally he'll get more credit, but he still gets a lot more
crap from the media in return!! The other guys probably are glad!! And
I'd give my left arm for an Edge guitar pick (of course, I wouldn't be
able to play my guitar with it without my left arm. oh well :o) )


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